Do it Yourself Doesn't Mean Do It Alone.

Outsourcing and delegating time-consuming tasks to a Virtual Assistant helps you get back more of your time, eliminate overwhelm, and grow your business faster.


“Teamwork makes the dream work” is not cliche'.


Take it from these business owners who have trusted us to help them successfully hire Virtual Assistants, also known as VAs.

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How It Works Is A Simple Process:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Consult with us

Step 3:

Contract us for services  

Step 4:

Receive your VA profiles  

Step 5:


Direct hire your VA



Schedule your 30-minute consultation with Bootstrap Dreams. So we can learn more about your business and what supports you and your business needs. 

Please prepare and be specific to what tasks you need to outsource, qualities of a VA you want, hours you need the support, tools and software you're using.




We suspect it's because of fear.


Fear of the unfamiliar.

Fear of time zone differences.

Fear of not being able to effectively communicate with one another.


But the biggest threat to NOT GETTING HELP TO GROW SMALL BUSINESS...

Thinking it can't be afforded.




We understand. We've been there too.


And, if we never stepped out and took a leap of faith to match up to our vision...

We wouldn't be here, transforming lives and finding fulfillment through helping, YOU, our fellow small business!


Don't be scared. Invest in yourself and hire help. Fast track your business growth.




When you choose to work with us to help you DIRECT HIRE your ideal VA, you start and end with quality talent referrals.


We focus on experience, transferrable skills, AND personality.


Our intent is to find a unicorn. If we can't, you won't mind.


With our 80/20 principle at the forefront of our process, you and your ideal VA will be suited to work together for a long time. 

Support dedicated to your on-going operations.


Support towards temporary projects for things you may need on a non-recurring basis.

 That's right! We aim for long-term relationships that cultivate thriving, sustainable businesses.


You can openly ask questions with Bootstrap Dreams about terms of negotiations, hiring, Onboarding, invoicing, method for payments, tools to use, etc.

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